Fink Gift Card

Gift a memorable dining experience under the sails of the Sydney Opera House with a Bennelong gift card.

Choose either a physical gift card to be delivered in a premium envelope, or a digital gift card sent straight to your recipient’s inbox, perfect for last-minute gifting.



Fink Gift Card

Your green card to Australia’s best dining experiences! The Fink gift card can be used at any and all Fink restaurants, including OTTO Sydney, OTTO Brisbane, Bennelong, Quay, Beach Byron Bay, Firedoor, and Gildas.

Physical and digital gift cards available.




From The Earth – World’s Great, Rare and Almost Forgotten Vegetables

Peter Gilmore’s third book From the Earth celebrates the diversity of heirloom vegetables, taking readers on a culinary and historical journey into the world of those most unique and almost forgotten.

With hundreds of varieties to choose from Peter has selected the vegetables that have excited him over the years for their culinary potential. Each vegetable features at the heart of a recipe, and is further explored through a detailed profile and stunning photographs by Brett Stevens.

The book looks at Peter’s decade-long passion for growing vegetables, and how it has informed and inspired his work as a chef.

From the Earth is an embodiment of this passion, illuminating the amazing world of vegetables from seed to plate.
Photography by Brett Stevens.


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Organum – Nature, Purity, Texture, Intensity

“Through my cuisine I search for the idea of organum; for a sense of purity, which is the essence of something that is complete, where all the elements work together to create something new.”

Peter Gilmore’s second book Organum delves deeper into his cuisine and philosophies by celebrating some of the farmers, producers and providores who share his passion for quality produce.

Photography by Brett Stevens. Designed by Reuben Crossman.


Please note, the most recent edition of Organum is printed with a black sleeve and encased in a hard black cover – for the perfect coffee table book.


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