Bennelong serves to celebrate the Sydney Opera House and its extraordinary architecture by offering a culturally significant and inspiring menu showcasing a most magnificent production of Australian food and wine.

Executive Chef Peter Gilmore explains the philosophy that drives Bennelong:

“Bennelong is all about the provenance of the food we are serving. The menu is very much crafted in partnership with the farmers, fishermen, breeders and providores from across the land with whom our chefs work together with every day. It’s a two way process: we’re responding to what’s in season and the best of what producers are bringing us, but on another level, we are planning menus a season or two ahead, working hand-in-glove with our producers to develop ingredients tailored to Bennelong’s menus.

We’ve made sure the dining experience at Bennelong is accessible and flexible. Our cooking is not overly technical and tricky – it’s robust and direct – allowing the pure flavours of the ingredients to sing. We’ve enjoyed developing a whimsical dessert menu based on traditional Australian sweets, and the wine list, similarly – is a reflection of the best of Australia – without taking itself too seriously.”


Both Bennelong and Fink are supported by a longstanding team of passionate executives and staff. Like a performance at the Sydney Opera House, there are many different people working together, both in the kitchen and on the restaurant floor, to ensure Bennelong puts on a showstopper.

Meet The Team


Spanning three levels, there are five areas of dining inside Bennelong; The Main Dining Room, The Counter, The Table, The Dress Circle, and The Bennelong Bar.

Located on the ground level of Bennelong is The Main Dining Room, a beautiful area where guests enjoy our three-course à la carte menu while being entertained by sweeping views of Circular Quay or as a prime vantage point to enjoy the Bennelong Stage.

Bennelong’s centre level features The Counter, with side-by-side high bar seating, offering a two-course à la carte menu at the beautiful brass counter overlooking The Main Dining Room and across to the Bennelong Stage. The centre level also plays host to The Table, a semi-private dining area for up to 10 guests under the eastern point of the Bennelong sail.

The top tier of Bennelong features The Dress Circle, an extension of The Main Dining Room with tables offering guests unfettered views of the sails of the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge while they enjoy our three-course à la carte menu. The level is also home to The Bennelong Bar. With both high bar seating and low lounges, it’s the perfect place to enjoy a drink and a bite to eat before or after a show, or for a nightcap after your meal.

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Sometime over 200 years ago, Bennelong Point was a tidal rock island in the heart of the Gadigal lands. It has been said this was a location for Aboriginal women to congregate on the rising tide, eat shellfish by the fire and tell stories. 

Bennelong Point is recorded as the largest midden found in Australia. Sometime after British settlement, these midden shells were burned and crushed to manufacture lime required to build Government House. 

Government House soon became a center for communication between First Nations and colonists, mostly due to a man called Bennelong who befriended Governor Phillip and was the first First Nation person to live voluntarily in the settlement. 

Bennelong came from the Wangal clan on the southern side of the Parramatta River, and was married to a woman by the name of Barangaroo. Bennelong, who was a great dancer and mimic, became a figurehead for relations between First Nations and the colonists, and lived in a house built on this harbour-point. 

Bennelong Restaurant is built on a site enriched with history of communal eating and telling stories. We invite you to create your own story in one of the most recognisable buildings in the world.